June 19, 2006


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I was walking and this girl came up and asked me if I’ve done Reiki, having heard of nothing similar to it, I felt kind of interested. The girl was wearing a dark blue costume which felt to me like either Japanese or Indian. She was quite tanned and I couldn’t tell her ethnicity. I asked her what Reiki was, she just told me to hold up my hands. I did as I was told and both of of her hands were in a shape like kangaroo front paws, except that hers were more regid. I could tell that she was using muscles from the tendonts showing up on her wrists. Her thumbs were on top of her index fingers as if that would keep them stiffer. I couldn’t figure out what she was doing, but I could tell she was, with either two hands or one hand, writing some character or drawing some patterns over my hand (without touching), and later on over my forehead, over my chest, over my tummy and my feet, even on the back of my head, and back to my hands. I was really compelled to ask her what she was doing, but I was afraid that I was not supposed to interrupt such a ritual verbally. It did seem like some kinda Chi thing to me.
Afterwards, I asked her what it’s about, she then told me it was a Japanese healing system, Reiki as she called it, and she asked me if I felt anything. I thought, gosh, you should have told me earlier, the whole time I felt nothing but bewilderment. I, out of politeness, just said, well I’m quite dull spiritually, which is probably true. Later on, I searched for it, and I almost laughed. The technique, like Chi Gong, was developped for healing. The philosophy at the beginning was said that people’s actively commit oneself in order to be a complete entity. Oh well, I guess I wasn’t able to be all that active under such circumstances.

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  1. Philip said,

    I had the same experience while waiting for you in SUB one day.I am afraid I was probably also a poor recipient, though I had heard of this a bit and at least wasn\’t totally unaware. Although I definately could feel something (make myself feel something) when I did Chi Gong I didn\’t get much from this. I suspect the person was disappointed.  I was rather puzzled talking with her after though, because she kept talking about chakras, which is not very japanese! 🙂

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