July 4, 2006


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This morning I woke up and felt my head kind of light, then realized I had a serious hair cut yesterday, and Tara lightened my load qutie a bit. It was a great haircut I have to say. She made it a very nice experience from the washing, massaging to the cutting and so on. I think I haven’t gone to a hair dresser this good for at least a couple years.
I borrowed Failure To Launch from my landlord and watched it. It was alright.. but I didn’t like the part about the dead fiance. it just made the movie kind of muddy… I don’t really know how to explain it.
Then… lunch with Curtis, he had scars all over him but a pleasant man overall. I haven’t seen him since Somewhere Else West. He’s someone who one can really carry good conversations with. For one, he’s quite stubborn in his views, with good reasons usually, but engage in your views as well. Our conversations often get kind of abstract. He’s someone who likes deep conversations maybe, but deep doesn’t mean abstract. i don’t know if that’s my problem. I don’t usually talk about abstract stuff do I? Well, I don’t know why, it’s just how it tends o go when we talk. It’s quite interesting to see how he engages the world actually. I really crave to know more, but I just don’t. I often wonder someone like that, how do they view relationships. From what he says, it’s more like a shaping of each other. We sort of are sculptures of each other, and we shape others and we are open to be shaped. That doesn’t really mean anything to me really. I guess I’m just more curious to see what it’s really like. That’s probably true for many people around me. I’m probably nosy, but I am very interested in how they engage in the world and their relationships. It’s like many many novels and movies. I’m sorry if I’m making someone angry by making their serious lives my entertainment, but I take my entertainments pretty seriously.
Later on… libraries, return books, some of which I finish in a week, some of which I can’t even finish. People tell me it’s like other things these days, our generation gets too many choices, so we wolf down the desert and not eat the vegetables. Maybe it’s true, but the fact is that I’m living in this era and there’s no turning back. I certainly am not planning to give up my choices. This will probably start to worry me when i become a parent, bu tthen it will be another era, so I will worry about it then.
Last thing… I went to the laser clinic for my port wine stain. It will be a long drawn process. I have to say I do want to go ahead with it badly enough that I actually went to see a doctor. It’s probably an ill motivation, but who am I not to be an earthling? It was a strange sensation as the laser burnt. They told me it would be like elastic bend snapping on you, but it was a bit different…. well, what it realy is, burning. It’s probably because not everyone is like me having been burnt for quite a few times! The feeling of heat though, didn’t come right away. It’s like getting a burn, you feel a sensation which causes you to withdraw, but whether it’s hot or cold or painful, you wouldn’t know at first. After awhile, the feeling kicks in. Overall, it’s not painful during or after. I wonder if it will ich, because it probably will scab. I’ll see. I actually started to get kind of interested in this process.
Otherwise, not much has happened. I should be studying now, but I really want to go out for a walk and listen to Steppenwolf again. I’m so addicted to going outside, that I feel nervous thinking school will be tying me up.

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