July 18, 2006

bad stuff, good stuff…

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:11 pm by changisme

I guess I should be happy that my days have these ups and downs which make everything supposedly so interesting.
I went to babysit, and waited for an hour and nobody was home. I left feeling… well, it’s not like I’m getting paid, why should I be upset? It’s not even like… my self value is somewhat dependent on this sort of thing, or maybe it does a little bit? It shouldn’t anyway. Walking up and down Main street and bought a sorberto was pretty relaxing. It’s interesting to walk alone but surrounded by many people on the street. Everybody sees you, but nobody really interact with you, unless you want to buy a hat like I tried yesterday and did not succeed. I think I’ll buy a winter hat now, since the summer is more than half way through. *stop being so bitter, Karen*
The evening was nice though, the air was crisp and I didn’t have a lot of work to do. The book I got the other day called The Crpple and His Talisman. It’s a very weird genre, like a fable, like a play and like a poem. I got quite addicted to the book, although, I don’t know why it doesn’t have a very grasping plotline and the language is really violent. I couldn’t really stop reading it as long as I can reach the book, but I get a headache from the violence and graphics.I finally had to exchange it.
Then, work was very… "wow"/eye-opening for lack of a better word. My mind is still processing the people I got to meet. On friday, I get to go to Bowen Island to do a little talk on employment for the youths at CNIB camp. That’s very exciting too. Doug said that’s where little Doug and little Shawn met. Awwww, well I hope I can imagine that.

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