July 28, 2006


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昨天我妈来我家.我替他申请了几个工作,然后就一起去散步.每次和妈妈聊天,我总是不明白他为人处事到底是什标准.每一次听到大红最白牙地说出种族歧视的话,或只对我赚大钱的期望,我真不知道怎样告诉她,"I’m sorry I’m not you and those things offend me!"


  1. Faith said,

    randomly find ur space, seems that i found someone who shares the same mother tongue with me, hehe
    it will be great to make friends with u~!

  2. Karen said,

    Nice meeting you Faith, are you from the States?

  3. wanli said,


  4. Faith said,

    im not from the states…
    im now in china, but will go to canberra next feb.
    and u? studying in canada??  or u born canadian?

  5. Karen said,

    That\’s so cool! Australia is one of my biggest dreams! I love their accent and the ocean. We don\’t have a lot of sandy beaches in Canada and the water is kind of chilly. Nonetheless, it\’s really beautiful. It\’s one of those calming type of beautiful, not very …. hot like in Australia and make you just want to lay on the beach and tan. :p
    I wasn\’t born here no.

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