August 4, 2006

subjective quantitativeness

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I often wondered why sins are not supposed to be compared. If we could compare harm, as in how much harm action A would cause and how much harm action B would cause, upon which we make a decision, why can’t we do so with sin? Isn’t sin one of the causes of harms?
St. Augustine makes a point that we see children’s sins as less not because they are less harmful, but because they are more normal/acceptable compare to other children of the same age. It’s probably why we are not to compare sins. The quantifying becomes too subjective. It’s not so much that one is less rotten in quantity than the other, but because we do not tend to measure them by how much harm they inflict, but by how much other people do them.
I’m probably bring things out of context, for people who say sins are not to be compared probably usually mean that we are not to be judgemental. However, how can we not judge others if we judge ourselves? I find it so very hard to not judge anybody. It’s almost like an essence of life. I can control and not let the judgement come out. Or, I could try to see a fuller picture of what everything is, so the little judgements I impose either seem trivial or fit into the picture of a whole human being.
I wonder if I’m just trying to play God if I keep on thinking about things this way. I can’t quite tell what’s the differene between WWJD and to recognize our subjectivity and see the beauty in it. I think a lot of "trying to serve" involve trying to be objective or at least recognizing other people’s needs and points of view as being important and good. In a way, that is being objective right? If we were to compare sins by either how much harm it does, or by how socially acceptable they are, we are being subjective, or putting out out values as the readings of the scale. If we try to be objective and see things from other people’s perspectives, then no, we probably wouldn’t see one sin is bigger than the other.
I’m probably making no sense, but I guess… I see subjectivity as a feature of one’s personhood, or in other words, part of what makes a person hirself. Art and science both take subjectivity to form the network of beauty, so I was hoping that it’s a good thing to preserve in myself. At the same time, so many bad things spring out of subjectivity. 
Now that I think about it, the only way to really grow towards both holding one’s subjectivity and objectivity is to know how to separate the mind. To preserve my own in one part and taste the goodness of others in another place within oneself. 
It sounds like I’d need a Ph.D. for it… >_< 


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