August 18, 2006

too in tuned with the environment

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:17 am by changisme

I don’t know if I’m too affected by what’s around me, too in tune with what’s around me. I sure seem to be always aware of what is happening around me. Even when I’m thinking about an interesting idea, I can still keep track of those little sounds around. I know this is not the kind of "genius" our world has, those people who can get engulfed in something and nothing else seem to matter. Maybe that’s why I can never play a computer game for a whole night without eating or sleeping. I reminds me of those childhood times when I just could not concentrate and all I wanted to do was hopping around and see all those interesting things around. Maybe that has not yet perished. I guess I don’t have to be a genius, but it’s kinda neat if i can know what it’s like to be one.
I guess the thing I’m a little disappointed about is that Eric told me people like that almost can’t be hypnotized or do lavitation, because they can’t quite separate their minds with their body. It’s funny though, because sometimes I do seems to be able to do that, well not exactly separate my mind with my body because I sometimes feel that my body is away from the rest of the world. I feel that I’m outside and I’m … a joker. It’s sad what it feels like actually. It feels like I am in another world with my body and a selection of things.
Maybe the distance between the mind and the body and the environtment is not just a one-dimeentional distance space, but a multidimentional spectrum. I could be sitting somewhere in a valley and just wonder how it’s like to be someone else in another part of this strange topological space. it would be so fascinating if I could try… Maybe that’s why I’m so nosy about what other people are thinking and feeling, it’s more interesting than any kind of cruise if I can try being someone else.

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