August 23, 2006

Black humour

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:13 am by changisme

It’s sad that I had to put down A Fine Balance and now I still feel like I can’t quite enjoy it. It’s a very well written book, and I think it’s really a black humour of chao. I assume it’s a big exaggeration of how much people suffer, or even if not exaggeration, at least a collage of everyone’s sufferring into a few people. It’s a collection of such vivid images.
I don’t know if it’s ignorant of me to assume that it’s an exaggeration, maybe simply because Mistry’s always been humourous as a writer, or maybe I just really refuse to accept the fact that people suffer badly in chaos. Maybe it’s just those years of instability eh? What about now? What abou tthe other places other han India? There are certainly a lot of chaos in this world right now. Do people suffer?
I don’t know if I should accept that fact. It’s quite offensive really, to me, myself. I don’t want to accept it, because first of all, I feel like I can do nothing about it. Second of all, I feel the people there could hardly do anything about it. Then do I want myself to be blind? I don’t think life should be a humourous tragedy, but why should life be anything? Then, are we not players in our lives and just a bunch of chesspieces? Am I just living in heaven right now and not see those who are suffering in hell?
Why do people like to write about human suffering? Doesn’t that agonize them? This is sick.

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