August 30, 2006

attachment and admiration

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The hike was a very interesting experience. It’s something I’ve never done before. The part I realy like is the fact that there was hardly anbody except for us. Every couple hours, we would come accross some people, who smile and greet as they enjoy themselves as well. I’m probably not one of those people who like to strain their body, so I don’t really like those hikes that make me too tired to actually look at what’s around me. I felt a little bit that way when I tried to keep up during the Grouse Grind. This time, we took our time, and I could look around and really swallow all the splender around me. That being said, I’m feeling very sore today!
I knew that I got quite attached to the trees, bushes and streams in BC, and I alays thought i really don’t like the dry stony because I didn’t get attached to it. Each time I go to the mountains near my grandparents’ town, I’d have a good time, but never did I feel that it’s a place I feel reluctant to leave. I’d help pick out interesting tree roots, and really want to go home and show the rest of the family. However, with places that trees would embrace me from all direction, i feel like I want to be in there forever.
When we hiked up from the foot of a mountain to the top, we’d see trees shrink and the become more compact, grass become drier and driver. Nevertheless, the lives are still living. I just suddenly felt that I like the top of the mountain as well!! maybe I’m not so attached to it, maybe it’s not in my body, I see the beauty and find it like a friend with whom I would want to walk on shoulder by shoulder. I don’t know if it’s my start of understanding the different kinds of loves. The feeling was not clear and neither was it mature. As we walked down all the forest trails the next day, where I felt very pleasant and simply didn’t want to get out, I thought about that "old" friend up above these treetops. I felt like I wanted those stones as my neighbours.
Next time we do this, we need a longer time I think. 🙂

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