August 31, 2006


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I wonder how much I really believe that the so called truth is just stories. I certainly like the fun of it, and I think I experience it myself as each piece of my life is soaked in semiopague colourings. I like to talk to people about my experience partly because it allows me to organize my thoughts. However, as I speak, my words are indeed affected by my as well as the audience’s state of mind at the time. That makes those thoughts subjective but not only affected by myself. I wonder if that’s what relationships are about, sharing of life and points of views.
In that sense, I think maybe truth is just stories, stories that are shared and intertwined.
I used to feel that objectivity is so blend and sad, but what is objectivity exactly? Is it the limit of the story as the number of sharing participants goes to infinity? If it is, it’s rather a beautiful light of white, for all the colourful lights blends together. I wonder if objectivity is just the story of God. It’s not a total lack of opinion or humanism. On the contrary, it is the fullness of all views and all aspects of stories.
Probably I’m becoming more and more Canadian, where people start to value transculturalism over the "melting pot", I think the blended up objectivity is rather confusing and not very cozy for me to live with. I think it would be nice still to see lights in its rainbow form, but I think it’s very splendid  to know that the white light of the sun is there for me to enter where all the rainbows fan out. I think by the comfort of the exsistence of this source I can appreciate those colours beyond my eyes.

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  1. Jane said,

    That\’s such a..beautiful thought! 🙂 (white light of objectivity)

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