September 5, 2006

back to school and other stuff

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Back to school again. Can you believe I’m already in fourth year? I saw all those first year walking around, really don’t know what to think. Anyways, I went to my Regression Analysis class. It was very interesting because the prof’s research interest is also my interest, one of them anyway. He’s in biomedical statistics. The many examples he gives are also biomedical related. We didn’t do much today, but he did give a lot of examples on regression to the mean and how people are misusing statistics by stumbling on this regression phenomenon. It’s quite fascinating.
* * *
How I hate people talking to me about "believers". I don’t know why this word ticks me off so much. it sounds so bad! I think by saying myself is a Christian, even though is not that appealing to me, at least has a taste of personal belief or.. tradition or whatever… it’s like saying I like fantasy and drama movies, but … oh man I think I’m just over reacting… but by saying I’m a "believer" totally doesn’t give me this feeling. I know I know… it’s just a word, it will be all good when I get used to it, but I can’t… at least for as long as I’ve known it. It’s just that breath of the word I guess.
* * *
I bouth my geometry textbook today. It’s a nice little book. (Gosh, my books are getting smaller and smaller, but more and more expensive). I glanced at the introduction. The author wrote it because he feels that most of the texts on the market on geometry always make geometry a tool in learning other stuff, but he thinks that such approach deprives the beauty of geometry. It both encourages me a bit and saddens me… I guess geom is really not that useful, or at least the 3D or 4D are not, maybe higher dimentions are, but they somewhat intimidate me a little even though I haven’t quite touched it. It encourages me too, as I am quite eager to see how this guy lives on this stuff… haha, can you live on beauty lone? Everything is a form a glorifying right? Everything worth nothing much but beauty isn’t it? I feel like that, it’s a little too silly and simplifying to say that I guess, while manythings are quite … differently like medicine and so on, but what are the purpose? This is all the old questions, I think I can see how medicine can be quite beautiful, and nasty when poorly done…
It’s not that I’m not a practical person, I am actually. I take pleasure in moving about, making somethings, setting up some gadgets or sometimes even saving money. I guess the fact that I don’t want to do these things when I’m not finding them pretty or I’m not in a good mood instead of not doing them because I feel they are useless… gives some indication of how inpractical I am too (or I’m just too… unstable LOL)…. okay these are some very confusing long sentences, and they don’t mean anything useful anyway.

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