September 8, 2006

moths picking

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:31 pm by changisme

Okay, I think this is the highlight of my week, though school was quite good and everything, it’s nothing compare to this. My roommate and me were picking moth of all developmental stages out of my bag of rice. If it were by myself, I would have just thrown the half a bag away and bought a new bag, but Yan said she’s done that with her grandma. I actually had a splendid time doing that. LOL The thing to note is that it felt really weird putting those worms in a ball of water, cuz I flet too agonizing actually killing them one by one.
We cleared a white counter and poured two cups of rice out and spreaded it out. The worms would curl up when we touch them. There were some ones that have wings already, but they didn’t fly. their wings were still too small I guess. I couldn’t pick out the small ones but Yan could. Oh man, she has such sharp eyes!!
We did that for two and a half hours, then I gave up on the last bit of rice, because Tara came back, and the kids were running around the house. In anycase, we cleared most of the bag cup by cup. It was quite amazing. I never knew I could participate in an activity like this. Okay, I know I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but I’m very happy. I think now I can eat that rice with pride. haha.

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