September 10, 2006

first day goalball!

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Back in shape, man!! Yeah, today’s the first day back to goalball for the season. I have a lot of concern because of my course load, but I also I have a lot of hope, because this year we’re likely to have a rather complete female team, we can even have a sub!
Today was rather gender-imbalanced though because Shawn at World Series in Switzerland and Angel’s home because she has no ride today for some reason. We had a kid today who was really scare and rambled on and on, but it was alright, we had a good time. I think I played well for a first time back. I played centre once, and felt very good. I think in a sense, I’m quite inconfident, but Moe being so eager to play centre sort of pushed me on in playing centre. I guess it’s this bit of rebellious nature. When people keep encouraging or begging you to play, you draw back, and while people treat you as an adult and go "well, if you don’t go for it, then you lose it", you’d just do it. Maybe you’d even fight for it.
Anywhooo… I’m not too out of shape either, meaning.. I didn’t get too tired after all the long warmup stuff. I think I should go for long hikes more!! Who’s coming??? (wink wink)
It’s nice this year because it’s not so late on Sundays, it’s 7 to 9 instead of 8 to 10, so when I got out, the bus was still good. Walking back home fromt he bus stop, I crossed the feild behind my house. It’s a rather interesting feild, there are patches of just weed anf flower, and there were trees and there were lawn grass for sports. It’s very fun walking on them feeling differently underneath my feet. Looking up into the sky, I saw the clouds joint together in a big patch like a stylish girl’s hat lightly rested on my head. The moon lit from one angle. It was a very bright moon indeed. As I was walking, the hat of clouds and the moond made me feel I belong to them as they responded to me. I felt like spin around looking into the sky, and so I did.
Walking in the dark on an open feild that I know well is a blessing, because I can actually appreciate the aloneness and darkness. Later on when I actually walked into semi darkness with houses and streetlights, I felt a little stinginess… It’s bad word choice, but I can’t think of a better word. I’m scared of that kind of darkness… maybe someday I’ll see what other kind of darkness I’m scared of, but at this point, I’m scared of darkness where there are families behind closed doors and the doors are dark and they look extra dark actually against the light around them. I don’t think it’s envy alone, something.. creates that fear.
Okay, this entry needs to end in a happy note, because I’m happy, so hoorah!

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