September 18, 2006

A not so nice day

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:22 pm by changisme

Today just isn’t very happy. Nothing too bad happened. Well… actually there is something annoying, because I just found out (shame!) that there’s actually a couple 4th year honours courses in stats I need to take and which requires me to be in school for the entire winter session. That means I won’t be able to do co-op during my final year. It sucks…
Well, also this morning I didn’t get to school as early as I wanted to, so I hit the traffic rush, and being in the stuffy bus also gave me a rather muggy mood I guess.
The stats experiment prof just writes and writes on the board and hardly speak a word, when he does he just says, "this is the derivation." Okay… thanks.
Anyways, maybe also because it’s wet and so much stats homework to do the programming. I’m not particularly … stressed, but just doesn’t want to do certain homework.
Other than that… I don’t know. I wonder sometimes if I’m sticking to others so much that they feel annoyed. They might feel that I’m depriving them of their personal lives? I don’t know… I tend to be quite eager in these kinda things sometimes and don’t really know what the distance should be. On the one hand, there probably is an optimal distance, onthe other hand… I feel these kinda thing probably is rather dynamic. Aye.. I don’t know… this world is complicated.

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