October 1, 2006

Real Optimism

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:50 am by changisme

People used to say I’m very optimistic. I don’t think I was. It was more just telling yourself happy things all day, and try to ignore the things you don’t like. I don’t think that is real optimism. I have since then met some people who really know what optimistic means, which I am starting to learn.
I think optimism is to see the potential in everything, and to see the wholeness of everything. In each situation be willing to step into the abyss and get your hands dirty. Nothing is untouchable, even sand can be built into a castle (as best as one can anyways). Being optimistic is not to put spot like on to the already bright side of things, but to shine on the darkside, believing the dark can show its colour as well. Being optimistic is not to sing the happy songs in front of a happy crowd, but to sing the sad song to whoever is there and believe this song is also a song, this audiance also an audiance with heart and soul.


  1. panther said,


  2. Catherine Dyan said,

    what optimistic words!  i hope you won\’t mind if i quote them.

  3. Karen said,

    haha, if I\’m ever honoured like that for sure, hehe.

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