October 8, 2006

Oh man, goalball was brutal today.

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:36 pm by changisme

I don’t know if I can be called a major casualty, but I certainly feel like one. Today all the people who came were the tough ones, and nobody really let things lose. Shane, having had all that sushi in him had also gotten rid of a lot of the bounciness in his shots. So the hard balls were coming straight and hard!
What’s more interesting was that we had a really really loud Indian dinner and dance right on the other side of the divider in the gym. Their food smelled so nice and their music cool, but it made the floor shake. What’s more, they had tenbrine, which almost resonates with the bell in the goalball. Nonetheless, it’s quite amazing how we still pulled it through quite well. I think it wasn’t all that hard to identify where the ball is, but it sure made it really hard to hear what your teammates are trying to say.
I really thought if they had roti on the other side of the divider…

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