October 18, 2006

this is how the day went.

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:24 pm by changisme

It was more than ordinary, other than the fact that I left the gas oozing out of the stove and the window wide open, so I think it’s lame to talk about it.
Okay, onto something else. There’s this sports field outside my house. It’s a rather nice and nothing-special kinda looking field, but I love walking through it at night. There’s this bird, I think it’s the same bird everytime. We have a date in the field. The bird would fly low round and round, and call out in patterns. I, as a begginner at whistling would try to converse with it. Okay, not really conversing, but just merely mimicking, but I am so off that I think it’s better to call it conversing.
I sometimes wonder if other animals communicate cross species a little better than we do with those not of our kind. Maybe some of them are better and some others not. It seems to me that I’m really bad indeed. If I have a pet, I wonder if my understanding their expressions is more of their adapting to me to me to them. My mom used to say why can’t you be better at telling when the adults (then) are mad and not bug them anymroe, just like your cousins who can know when "bugging" is the most productive technique?
Maybe it’s not just animals, peoples too. I wouldn’t say I have the worst language skills when it comes to simply the musicality of it, but really how does communication work and when to what level is such tricky stuff. A lot of people would say, oh don’t put so much stuff in your brain, some things are just like a puzzle you put in your hand as you solve it.
I’m not those people who keep everything in their brain though. I play around with things sink them into my body and feelings. I like to sit in a couch made of whatever I’m working on. Still… people, as much as I like them, are very difficult level of objects. They can’t be like books lay open on your lap awaiting you to page through. It’s almost like as you’re thumbing one page after another, even though you’re so sure that you went from one to the next, you still realize oh… where did these pages come from I never read, and the next minute, oh … I haven’t got here yet, but … somehow I’m having a deja vu!
Sometimes, your book just disappear into thin air. I find that rather disheartening. Maybe I just never read it, and just somehow imagined I did.
All these things are fun and interesting maybe.. but just in moderation. I don’t know why there’s so much access of this stuff here. God, do you know? You should know right? And you just don’t want to give me an answer. People say you do give answers to those who seek, then maybe when you answered me, I just ignored. Or… I’m just not patient enough again? (I think I’m overly patient, so I didn’t even finish my stats midterm today…=_=")

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