October 22, 2006

Addiction in knowing people

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:48 am by changisme

People are such interesting things. As complicated as they are, and as hard as they are for my dull mind to deal with, they are like seasons with colours, they are like bushes with (or without) flowers outside, but squirrels inside; they are like houses—sometimes who lives in it changes but the structure stands, and sometimes the same owner knocks the building down and build a new one.
Do I have an addiction getting to know people once I start? Maybe I do. They are incredible beings, not any less interesting than sets, groups and rings. I wonder if those artsy subjects are like people, never very well defined. I don’t know if I can be a true mathematician ever, because I find things that are not so well defined as attractive.
Is that magic? When you have things in the fog and somehow it just flowers? Some might say it’s just the might of God, some might say it needs to be better understood. I don’t know… it’s beautiful either way. It’s not to say parting the mist is not an indulging activity. Rather it’s the process of approaching that brings oneself into the mist as well as what s/he’s looking for. In no time, you’d feel that even though you still are not at the exact mathematical point as the other person, you’re both in the same body of cloud.
Okay, I know I’m not making sense, the main thing is that as I start to know some people mroe, I find they are fuller beings.

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