October 24, 2006

Does faith provide possibilities?

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:34 pm by changisme

Just another thought while reading SOD. I think it’s a, though not completely original, yet still remarkable thing it says is that God is the provider of possibilities. Salvation is ultimately possibilites. It’s another way of saying faith is the source or hope, but from another angle. It’s so commoon among us though that faith or belief is the regulator of possibilities. The Universe becomes smaller when we have faith handcuffing us. Furthermore, we jingle the handcuffs around telling people its treasure its beauty.
I can’t count how many times have I been told from elders in the church that we are to filter out what we are not supposed to do in the world and walk our only road with Christ. It could be argued that this is a right statement, but really what the teaching is, is that we should train our minds to not see the other possibilites in this world because they are not holy, and simply do what the religion asks us to do. "Don’t go dress up in Halloween." They’d say… etc.
It really makes more sense to think of faith as the provider of more possibilities. The point of us, at least me, having faith at all is to recognizing somehting outside of me, something more powerful, and in fact the most powerful (if "most" means anything I can comprehend) aside from myself. He is at the end of each road we walk on. If I walk a path paved with thorns, I know I still have someone holding my hand. This fact alone provides the possibility of me facing the impossible.
If the way of me seeing the Universe is not any bigger but narrower, then I’m casting the gift of God into fire. I don’t know how that can be really worse than rejecting Him, if it’s even different from it.

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