October 26, 2006

side track

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:06 pm by changisme

I think I got over the fact that I scored badly in Stat 404 way too quickly. It’s very "me" though, or maybe I just have really nice people around for me to complain about. You’d think that the midterm I got back yesterday would motivate me to study harder for today’s regression midterm. Well… no… Somehow, I’m just this ordinary boring human being once again.
I was in the library trying to prepare for the midterm this morning and then I got bored and unproductive, so I walked around and spotted Kafka’s biography. "This would be a nice stretch for my really ordinary life" I thought. As it turned out, Kafka, as weird as his writings might be, lead a really… iono kinda life! He lived his whole life in downtown Prague, where he was born. In other words… he didn’t go to exhautic places, he didn’t live in a cave and talk with lions and he didn’t do all kinds of jobs under the whip. In fact, his friend once said he’s Prague and Prague is him.
I guess it’s not just him eh? Many people who write really weirdly actually lived in just one place, or didn’t have a very rich life from an outsider’s eye. I haven’t finished reading the biography of course, so maybe Kafka did have some interesting life stories. In any case, I just thought maybe when someone is in one environment for a long time, they not only have a tendency to counter balance this homogeniosity, but also dig deep into the situation and see what others might not. S/he might even see its inverse, which might not be of any "otherness" from the environment itself (i.e. in an object as big as a town center, maybe both sides of things exist awaiting people to discover, but some live on one side of the river, and others live on the other, only people who spend time building a boat get to paddle back and forth in between). I feel that as I realize how little I know about Beijing, and even less about Vancouver.
Okay, I think I really should be a little more serious about my stats, if I ever want to be a statistician who don’t regret on her mistakes everyday, or maybe I wouldn’t even realize I made them!

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