November 23, 2006

the stats cult

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My stat prof’s main research interest is actually on non-normal statistical analysis. Well.. I think it could still be parametric, but anyways. It seems to me that this whole business is actually not as "random" or "unjustified" as I think. The bad part is just that people who actually know what they are doing hold their secret knowledge and no one else, as in 90% of those who are actually using stats, really know what’s valid and what’s not. I don’t know if they actually want the knowledge to surface, but the nature of the subject just makes it rather difficult to explain.
Is that the beginning of my stats pride talk? I hope not… 
Another one of my stats prof today taught us how taking the difference between pre-treatment and post-treatment and do t-test and so on is actually very often invalid in terms of achieving its purpose. I still remember though in the first course of statitiistics, they taught that in the dimly lit lecture hall like its out of the Bible. Most people don’t take any stats course after that and that’s wha tthey were shown! Maybe it’s hard to explain why its wrong in the first course, but you probably could avoid teaching the wrong thing in the first place??!
* * *
The good thing about having a mind that swims everywhere every minute is that you realize you’ve lost something(unbrella, bus pass… etc) quite quickly.
The bad thing about having a mind that swims everywhere every minute is that you think about gut clenching embarrassing moments of life at the most irrelavent times.

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