November 28, 2006

a child’s innocence

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:16 am by changisme

It’s quite amazing how I can wake up and feels nothting’s so bad as it seemed at the bottom of the pit. It’s all tangled up but one of these days I’ll be able to get it untangled, so long as I start working on it. It’s like a bad bobbin of yarn really. Nothing too unresolvable. no need for the scissors really.

It’s the waking up feeling the day is bright and beautiful that feels to me like a child’s innocence. It’s like forgetting what’s painful and frustrating for awhile and just think what games are played today. I guess in a way, children don’t really have an easier time with issues they encounter, but quite often, they are better at finding places to store them in their heart. Their shelves and drawers are made of play-dough, you can shape them according to what you want to put in them.


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