December 5, 2006

Harry Joe, here I come!

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:44 am by changisme

Okay, today is the stats 404 final. I’ll say some good things about Harry Joe bcause afterwards I will probably start hating him.
Harry’s a really intelligent person. He looks like 60 years old, but brain works in the speed of light. He also seldom makes mistakes, unlike many others. Although those mistakes don’t always matter, but it does show even though he des those things so fast, he’s still rigorous. Also, I htink he’s one of the very few profs who really knows what I’m asking in a question in one try.
The bad thing is that, 80% of the time he knows what I’m asking after I say like… 1 or 2 words, and just cuts me off, it’s knda annoying and I just wanna say "SHUT UP! let me finish!" LOL because even though he knows what I’m asking, it sometimes is not the entirety of what I’m asking. Plus, he thinks in such a weird way and such a fast speed, I find it hard to first learn new things. I used to think that he thinks so differently from me, I just can’t follow. Now I feel it’s not really that it’s different, well, it’s a little different, it’s more that it’s too fast that for a newbi in some areas, it’s too fast and raw to follow.

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