December 7, 2006

faith, back to the basic….

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Once in awhile I just like to reorient myself and see what I am doing these days. Now I feel that we discuss a lot about what faith is, but most people don’t really, not really, have a problem with it. It’s just believing in something that’s outside of your grip. Since I’m a person living in the reasons and the pursuit of beautiful things, having faith in X to me is even when things don’t quite make sense about X, I still trust that there is a good reason to it and it’s beautiful, and I’d keep trying to know the reason and beauty.
The real problem most of the times is what I have faith in. There is no universal rule saying that I can’t have faith on one thing rather than the other or have faith in multiple things. Though slowly I realize that putting faith in something is very hard work, and putting faith in multiple thigs just spreads me thin. I can’t seem to really have faith in anyone of them, unless one includes the other. (Okay, we got to the tricky part about the "He is all" kind of question. Anyways, I find it really hard at the same time though to allow myself to see priorityies in my trust.
Could I put my trust in these layers of things while I know God is at the very bottom layer and if all those other layers fall through, I’d be caught by God anyway. That seems to be the Truth, but it sounds so wrong. Is it that my life would be full of pursuits in vein if I view life that way? There doesn’t seem to be one right way to live my life. In a way, I’m glad of that, because otherwise I probably would never really get it.
It seems to me that I always have these things I put my trust in, and the bottom layer is always there, but it seems like I’m just aware of it. Really how much hope has it brought me? Maybe quite a bit, but I don’t seem to realize especially at times of confort… Okay I’m going to stop this entry. I don’t want to jinx my luck.
Oh by the way, it sounds like I’m doing well on my finals? totally not, they are so hard!

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