December 7, 2006

Good morning the passing night

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Just came back from Landy’s. I kind of expected it, but I’m still annoyed that I can’t realy sleep for the night. It’s partly because of the different environment, also the kids are just so energetic and got me all crazy. I don’t know how mothers, and fathers I guess, survive.
Landy came back at 5 something, and we talked and wrapped Christmas presents for the kids. They were rediculous presents like batteries and potato chips, but it’s fun to wrap them and talk over them as well. We talked about personal issues, well mostly she talks and I listen. She said that she doesn’t know why everybody seems to like to judge her more than others. It’s difficult living under than cloud. I thought about myself feeling I’m always different and not in a good way. As someone outside, your first reaction is often, "s/he’s just paranoid, it’s not as s/he feels." Maybe people say that to me because they want to give me a fuller picture. I felt that way too when landy told me about it. I thought, it’s probably just she feels that way, but then I thought it could well be true and I’m not her, so I don’t even have to have an opinion to start with.
i was walking home in the morning and saw the morning star. She seemed extra lonely. then I thought, if the moon were lonely, the morning star is more so. i see the moon and her smoothness in the silk of night, I feel for her. In the morning, I hardly remember the morning star and wonder what she feels pioneering the crispy air before the morning light. She went up by herself, just like that. I saw, after her, the belly of the sky. It was pale and sleepy. I thought I smelt mint.

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