December 11, 2006

M. Math

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:04 pm by changisme

Man… it’s not since 1st year that I’m this bored studying for the finals. I guess there is a disadvantage to working hard during the term. I was looking at the math, and all of it seems to make as much sense as it can get in me, though I still can’t do the questions, they just stand there. I need some new approach. I need to do something else with them. Use thema s a livesaver and attack somebody might make them more useful. I think they are wasting their life in my brain. I’m doing nothing with them. If I could appreciate their beauty at the time when I learnt them, now I can’t even do that. Not when I’m rotting in woodward.
It’s funny thought because for people it’s the other way around. the more I know them, the more interesting they get and the more I wan to spend time with them. I can’t really see the foundamental difference between mathematical objects and biological objects. Mabye because people are more willing that they reveal more contents about themselves to me whereas mathematical objects are more timid? I wonder if those toplogical structures are like mermaids sitting on a rock in the obscure moonlight. My imagination just makes it all beautiful and motherly, but when you spend too much time with them, they are just furless grey and decieving creatures.
Or… maybe if you spend even more time with them, they’ll turn out to be cute chubby nice and friendly ones too?

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