December 14, 2006

time has haulted for the exam period.

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:26 pm by changisme

I stumbled upon the Narnia soundtracks again. As I listen to them, I feel this homesickness I had awhile back. The kind of homesick you don’t even know where you’re missing. It’s a feeling of bitter sweet, a swift sadness in confort, a dream of warmth in the chilly snow. I can’t quite pin down what is lacking, but something is. I think when I was first enjoying these music, I was still quite content with all my relationships in life. I seemed to have hit some lucky penny and the world seemed to be as bright as a jewel. Now, there are all these problems spinning out. I don’t think I lacked anything compare to what I had at that time, maybe just what I see has changed?
I feel awfully lonely studying, it makes me feel there’s not much point to it really. I don’t quite really study anymroe, I just open my books and do some random questions and relax on the way. I rather tutor someone for their final, at least you feel like you’re doing something useful.
Goalball today, everyone was eating chocolate. It’s so fun when there are guys around, they are just like wolves and we all fought over it, even though it didn’t taste all that good. LOL I hit my head on someone, and I think it was a head I hit, but somehow everybody was so absorbed in the chocolate, that no one remembered getting hit. I’m pretty sure I hit someone, because I didn’t hit myself or the wall. Later on I hit the wall though when the ball hit my head. LOL I wonder if all the math came out. i almost wish it did, so I can feel pressured to put it all back in.

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