December 26, 2006

so, first bread making succeded

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It’s quite a bit of work. I think I kneaded the dough three times.
I made the most basic white bread, not without complications. At first, I was keeping the dough in the lowest warm option of the oven, but somehow it got too high and killed the yeast, so I started again, and just had the oven warm sometimes and off some other times. Then it turned out to be pretty good.
I didn’t quite follow the recipe very rigorously, just sort of used my senses, because the recipe had some vague parts in itself anyway.
After I added the egg, the dough became very sticky. It’s so different from what I imagined and remembered from the dough making my grandpa used to do. He never added any oil or egg of course, which is probably why it’s so easy to knead for me. This dough, my gosh, my finger was sticking to it all the time! After each kneading, I felt like I was becoming duck woman, with webs on my hand. I diwant to waste too much dough on my hands, plus I had the time, so I was picking those webs each time I kneaded the dough.
Finally, when Irene came, we made the last kneading and made several small bons and a big bon, and shuffled it into the oven. I have to say, if it weren’t for Irene’s engaging conversation, the time would have been like snails crawling. Even then, we opened the oven a couple times to see what’s going on. After ten minutes, the dough has risen quite high, but still white. Yan was wondering if we should brush more egg on it, I thought not, dunno why I thought not though. Then After twenty minutes, it looked dark golden. I poked it and it was so hard! I thought, oh dear.. it’s over.
I took the bons out, and thought, oh well, it’s my first attempt afterall. Or maybe the first time and a half counting the 10 minutes failure at the beginning? After the bons cooled a little, I took one and squeezed it, oh, it’s actually not so bad! The inside is soft! I broke it and bit on the white fluffy flesh. Mmmm it’s great!! it’s better than the bread machine bread from Sharon’s anyway!
it turns out that the crust is hard, maybe because I brushed a lot of egg white, or I had the temperature high. It’s not that hard though. It’s like french bread, though the inside is not really like french bread. Anyway. It’s pretty good. We had fresh oven bread and wonderful bone soup I learnt from Yan today. (oh yeah, I made the soup too! I made two big time consuming thing today, and I’ve done neither of them before.)
Anyhow, Irene bought some fish too, and the baking that fish was very beautiful too. I think it was just right, especailly with the veggies from the soup. It’s quite suitable. Then we had a little salad. The only bad thing was that we didn’t have enough big mouth. All three of us have very "shy" stomach compared to the amount of food we had. it’s fun to make them though. I really want to learn how to make real decent ones though. Only if someone could apprentice me haha.
Yeah, it’s not so much I’m so into cooking, it’s just a craft. it’s fun to make something eh? I think the fun of transforming something that’s raw into something that fills the room with aroma is quite magical, a magic even the magician feels like s/he didn’t really do the magic.
It makes me remember this TV show from Hongkong. It’s about this really talented cook who got a brain injury and could actually talk to the vegetable for awhile, and the cooking is really allowing the food to reveal their own glory. It’s a fun show to watch.

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