January 23, 2007

the resulting ranbles of homework and classes.

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The more I go about this biostats business, the more I feel it’s either just a bunch of handwaving, or it’s just a very immature science. Maybe it’s both… Somehow everything that is deducible with the theory we know could be understood by other means, and those that are not common sense or intuitive from other reasoning are just "approximately true". The only two things I find rather impressive about stats, experimental statistics in particular is the central limit theorem and robustness of various procedures.

It really makes me want to just stick to probability, cuz… everything is just so fuzzy!

* * *

I finally tredded through 321 homework! A lot of it I just did sort of .. inrigorously, but whatever… now I can just simply be happy about the Montreal INvitation! (ok.. there are other homework too, but they won’t be due till I come back, hehe). I really like going away with the goalball people, somehow they make me feel like I don’t need to worry about who I am. It’s very interesting, because… to be honest, I don’t really know the colours of their underwears all that well, but I still feel that they are just that much part of my life. Maybe that resolve some of the confusion I have about knowing people and knowing about people. In any case, it’s all a way to live. Living it out is harder, but more possible than holding my heart on the tip of my tongue.


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