February 8, 2007

so I got the job afterall… amazing.

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Well, I can only say I’m very happy. I actually got the job at QuIC. I did quite like the job discription, because they seem to have a fair amount of stuff to be done in the creative or R&D end. I was quite upset that I bombed the interview. I guess I must have done something right, though I don’t quite know what.
I actually felt like emailing Ailana Fraser for teaching me 320 stuff. LOL It’s true though, somehow I always have a compusion to talk to her or contact her. She such a mysterious person. I was quite happy seeing her smile last term, after mine ticking her off. Anyway, there we are, I’ll discover whether or not I’ll enjoy that kind of job. It’s something I haven’t ever attempted and cannot really imagine at this point.
I got the email from Dave Peterson, who seems to be a management person, and I asked him if I should prepare something prior to the work term, say learn some numerical analysis stuff which they asked in mass and I had no clue about. He replied a one liner. "You should concentrate on your studies." I suppose that’s nice… I remember during the interview, they told me, "we solve differential equations daily." Oh man. I’ll see what things are like, truly.
For now, it’s all the midterms and so on. Somehow my feeling about the term 90% hinges on the assignments from 321. Whent he assignments were hard I felt so bogged down and busy and tired, but when the assignment is easy I all of a sudden feel the term is not so tiring and I can actually do something. The other courses somehow just become so much more transient.
I wonder what I will be doing for Chinese New Year. I really would rather just expect my mom to be working, so I won’t get disappointed. I don’t know what we would do anyway, probably go out and have some dinner. Somehow, I still want to expect that she won’t be working. I’m not sure what my dad will be doing. He will go to my grands’ for sure. He would be laying there and watch TV. Then after that he will be telling me which performance is good and which boring and every year people would say this year’s show is so boring, but every year they watch it anyway.
I can’t imagine my cousins are both well into universities now. They are now grown and will have girlfriends and boyfriends and have lives that I’m so faraway from. I’ve never been feeling so faraway from them, they ‘ve always been so much of my childhood playmates. We were far enough that nobody grew up in anyone else’s shadow, and close enough that we show each other the selves that we give flat handed to our families. Now however, what are they like? Catherine maybe I know better, a little, than Colin.. hey it’s funny, what’s with these "K/C" consonants among us?? Anyway, I don’tknow what he’s doing. Apparently he’s pretty socially active. He’s handsome too, don’t know what he’s like now. When I left, he’s this guy who eats like a lion and strong like a bull plays tennis like… crazy LOL. Engineering, not something I can quite picture him doing, but I want to picture it, I want to see him. Can you imagine how long since we last met? I can’t…
This is the life of a nomad I suppose. I will probably be herding my sheep somewhere away from BC too. I wonder some years from now, I would wonder what people I know now are doing, or I’ll just be too placid to think about things like that, or I just don’t know anybody enough to imagine. I sure have been hanging out quite a bit with several people. I really cringe when I think my life will not be having that big chunch of time filled with them. That would be so weird. I will be losing so much good times. How can I imagine oh God? It I integrate the amazing love and interesting talks we would lose from the time I stupidly kick myself out of sight to …,it would be infinite! It’s totally no Riemann-Stieljet’s Integrable… I haven’t learnt Labaye’s Integration, I certainlly would love some good tools to deal witht hings liek this… good reason to take 420.

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  1. Unknown said,

    Congratus on the job!

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