February 10, 2007


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Today I got an email greeting from a schoolmate of mine from long ago. It was nice getting messages like this even though it was a mass email. It was one of those forwarded powerpoint things. The story was like a fable of three old beggers at the door and one being wealth, one being success and one being love. The family was told that not all three can come in at the same time by tradition, so the man wanted wealth, the woman wanted success (which I reckon is against tradition but oh well! Who am I to stereotype?) and the daughter in law wanted love. So they said maybe the daughter in law should get to choose so they went and invited love in, but the other too just followed. The family was bewildered by the fact and asked for a reason. Wealth and Success said that they’d follow where love goes but love and wealth wouldn’t get in if only success was invited and neither would success and love be in if wealth were invited.
This is a story sent from Beijing, and in a way, it’s kind of wrong, really. Love is not all that fluffy and painless. Where love goes, sometimes there are hardships. It’s not those extreme cases of Bonhover or Rwanda even, just in my day to day life. It’s not easy and not always well returned. However, it reminds me of the passage in Joshua, where it said that meditate on the scripture day and night and you would be prosperous and successful. It’s kind of the same connotation. People can tell me, well, it all depends on how you define wealth and success, but really, it’s how you define love. If love is just to be a well accepted person, then yeah probably true. I’m not saying to be a well accepted person is all that easy though! I think it’s rather difficult, I can’t seem to do it very well anyway.
It seems to me I just struggle and try to be both. On the one hand, it’s so nice to be able to be accepted by people and on the other hand, my ideals do not allow me to abandon the fact that there is a true love behind everything. (like when someone is really being a jerk, tell them that they are indulging themselves in a very stupid way, by not saying so, probably it’s more because I’m afraid of my own judgements). It’s so hard anyway… I think love, seemingly so pure, is really rather a complicated kindness. Maybe pink is really the colour for it.. not the most pretty colour on the planet, but sure does the job of being a mixture.

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