February 12, 2007

accessory thoughts

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My mother was talking about children spoken languages with me. She insists that Chinese is actually a very easy language to learn how to speak. She took care of some children here as a nanny, and she says that the English language takes children rather long to start to speak for some reason. She said that when she was teaching me how to speak, it was not as much effort. I think the reason makes sense, she said it’s because mandarin is very single syllabic… (is that a word?) and it’s easier to make a progress by starting one or two words, and the encouragement of actually being able to get meanings across makes the baby more likely to pursue such conduct.LOL well, okay that’s partly my explanation partly my mom’s. I guess if one were to do some kind of observational statistics, they would record a bunch of babies’ age of using mama and alike as the baseline and then compare, who knows how to numerize such things!

* * *

Now I feel that the first course of real analysis (320) was about building intuitions. How to get one to get the feel of mathematical objects and so on. Now the second course (321) is about tearing down your belief in your intuitions. I find that oh gosh, I finally gotten into my intuitions, and now I realize how little it is as a part of a result. LOL that reminds me of Marilyn Bas-Savent (sp?), and how she takes all these small problems and show people how intuitions could be wrong. This kind of satire doesn’t work when you don’t even have any intuition, so in order to prepare yourself for the aminosity, 320 is a pre-req of 321.


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