February 14, 2007


Posted in Uncategorized at 6:15 pm by changisme

Aye.. it’s amazing what stress can do to you. I can even get annoyed over people getting slangish when they talk. I don’t really know why, because usually I find it kind of amusing. or if it’s Beijing slang, I’d just feel happy and familiar. My roommate’s usually likes to use all these beijing slangs I’d actually kno what they mean. It makes me feel excited usually. Today however, it just made me felt like saying, oh man… stop it, sounds so stupid LOL. I didn’t really show it, but was quite distraught by the fact that I would think that at all. I’m blaming it on stress, but don’t know if it really is. Or.. it’s just that I feel less and less capable of using that kind of phrases.

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