February 15, 2007

One thing I forgot to feel thankful about

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:35 pm by changisme

Think about it! I actually should feel thankful that the 321 midterm is together with everything else. If it weren’t, I’d have to do the weekly homework which lasts for eeeeeever and eeeeeeever and eeeeeeever, with all the other midterms spinning in my head! that would be even more Hellistic.

My geometry midterm was kind of … out of the world. I don’t think I did well, but I couldn’t have studied for it anyway, so there’s no regret on not studying. Now I’m only looking forward to tomorrow this time, or even summer!!! The bad thing is that I start working way too early, and final ends way too late. I can’t even make compramise with for Somewhere Else West. If my finals end earlier, I could have offered to start earlier and take a week off, but it doesn’t seem like possible. This is very disappointing, because I do actually miss some people from SEW. It’s finally gonna be in BC and I wouldn’t need to fly to spend airfare, but I can’t go. How great…

Man… someone’s bored here.. thinking about summer already?! Today’s weather was indeed pretty nice at the end of the day. I was on the bus home and was so attracted to the scenery that I didn’t even want to listen to my mp3 or nap or read. Then I asked myself, hey… it’s so beautiful… why do I want to go away? but then… I still want to go away LOL


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