March 12, 2007

different lives…

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Today Ron asked me how old I am, and I said, 22, then he asked what I am doing, i said, peeling orange, and what then? I said, doing homework. Then Tara smiled, and said, when she was 22, she had Zander. Silence… wow, said I.

They did say say that a child was unexpected, though they were happy and loved their son. They weren’t planning to settle down and didn’t get married till much later. They are a happy family now. Anyway, I just feel like even though we live under the same roof, our lives are so different. What it is like to bare a child I cannot imagine, and what it is like to bare the responsibility of raring a child, I can’t magine even less. There I was staring into blank space, and Ron laughed at me and said, "now Karen’s thinking, she would have had both homework and a child!" Well… yeah that was what I was thinking LOL. On the other hand, it would not necessarily be so, I mean I could just find a job and settle down, but I can hardly imagine myself doing that.


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  1. Hannah said,

    hm…….you get my brain start thinking too……Hey, it\’s realli not that bad to be 22 years old w/o a child. =)

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