March 15, 2007

Mr. Time

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I saw the image of the first permanent photograph and it’s called View From Workroom. It had to be exposed for eight long hours in bright sunlight for a very fussy shadow to be inprinted. On the other hand, it’s such an interesting picture that it’s almost four dimentional. It was because of the long exposure hour that the buildings had sun shining on it both from the left and from the left. It wasn’t just a big dark blob though, it was more like a different change of shade than the normal 3D perspective we are used to.

I wonder what it’s like to really sit there and look at time walking by. I picture him as a steady young gentleman taking his each step in its own mind’s rythm. He would wear black shoes that, as solid as they are, make no sound. I think he would wear a hat, I haven’t quite decided what colour, but it obscures his eyebrowse and make you wonder what kind of temper he is in.

The fact that I can hardly make myself to enjoy such peaceful observation upon a mysterious and potentially handsome young man, lies in the fact that truth and beauty often lie in tension of this world. I do believe that truths often (don’t know if it’s always) lies between two views of tension. While the world has so much to offer, I can live ten times and still have interesting things tugging my sleeves, but at the same time, once in a while, when I slow down and stop looking left and right, I see peace and there is truth in that as well. I don’t know when Lao Zi said people who really seek truth should just stay in a quiet place that is remote, I’m not sure if he meant that there are enough to learn in that one place, in intricacies of nature and self; or does he mean that one should learn from being peaceful and not be blinded by colours?

If one say, well, just be busy some time and take some time doing nothing. That sounds all very sensible, but on the other hand, it’s simply adding another item onto my todo list right? I mean, okay now I have to squeeze Mr. Time into my list too, how fanciful! It’s doesn’t quite make sense philosophically, but well, it doesn’t have to, so that’s alright.

* * *

On a different note, everyone seems to be so excited about national’s at goalball. I totally have no idea what it’s going to be like. Shawn is pretty confident that we will finally be able to beat someone this time. I’m not sure if I’m happy about that, I mean… it’s not like I’m so "kind" or anything, but it’s just I feel more sympathetic towards Manitoba who’s supposed to be weak, than towards all those other iron women like Ontario and Quebec and Sask. I’d rather beat them!! Well… I guess it doesn’t work that way, since if they were weak enough for us to beak, I probably would feel in the same camp with those people again.


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