March 17, 2007

well, just to let something out.

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It’s actually a pretty comfortable night, comfortable to walk around, and not rush home (aye, even though I have a good reason to!). It’s the first time I actually felt the clouds wipped with a cream of orange by the city lights is not that awful looking. It’s really, notably, quite something when you feel the moon is smiling at you.

Especially, when it’s a moonless night.

In any case, I’m pretty clumsy, so I never really know what to say and what to do. Just to be honest, I’m not totally useless as I know how to appreciate, well… okay, at least I do appreciate. I think that redeems a big part of the values of many things, although, it’s probably nicer if I can show appreciations better.

Another thing is that, one doesn’t have to simply be insecure to want to act in a way someone else likes, it’s more that I feel it’s a nice thing to reciprecate the will and offer. It’s really like a cross-stitching. On the other hand, it would have been really hard if I know hardly anything about myself, because then I would just get lost. Think about Naruto and when he in a snap of the fingers change into a thousand copies of himself, and sometimes has hardly any control over who’s who. Good thing he can still know who’s the real one. I can just imagine if he didn’t know which one should be left manning the wheel of life.

It’s amazing how I can know so much about myself when I get to know other people and other things. Although I wasn’t such a 300 fan, I have to say the scene when the queen looked into the water and scooped some up with her fingers, I see how she summed all the unspoken threads in her mind and crystalized in a way she sees herself as a free soul, and how she sees others in her dominion as free souls. She discovers her own being through a life of hardship. I totally don’t envy her, but who can be blinded from that kind of sculpturing of the heart and mind? It’s not so much that she has become a better person through all that, but she has discovered so much there is to be discovered. Well, okay I’ll end there before I actually make the movie sounds appreciative.


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