March 28, 2007

back to homework…

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:48 am by changisme

I’ve always known that physical activities really get my mood up. It’s just confirmed once again I guess, or maybe I just put too much emotion into the sitting down and brain wrecking before. There’s only so much my mind can endure. Things that are interesting, and would be interesting if I’m not so worn out, have turned their backs on me.

The tourney was pretty good. I’m not saying that just in a cliche way. I think the best part is that we got to play more games than before. I like that. I’m not trying to be insulting or anything, but I get tired of sit and watch other people playing after awhile. I wish we could play even more though, just like the guys who played like… 10 games!!

On my way back to the airport and during the wait before checkin, I was with Janice from Alberta. She was tired I guess, and we didn’t talk much, but it’s interesting she wouldn’t talk about much of anything else other than goalball… well, so much for me trying to diverge her mind from the whole weekend of busyness. She also didn’t discuss a whole lot about what I should improve though, she seems to be just emphasizing on that I should keep playing and try different positions. She just doesn’t want me to drop out I suppose. It’s not like I will.

Each year, I just feel like BC’s always kind of by ourselves, it’s not like we try to do that, but somehow it always come out that way…

Oh yeah… back to homework, reality check…. how great.


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