April 25, 2007

Masculine writing… if there is such a thing.

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On a brief note, I’m done, and I’m quite happy. It’s been a dull and gradual happiness, as I’ve been relaxing for the pass several days, and now… that I’m finished, I actually need to stop relaxing, as I have to start doing taxes, deal with some administration issues and maybe look at something on PDE’s for work. I’m actually wondering if I should still go back to Hugh Boyd… since the teachers that I often visit are largely gone. I might go anyway…
It’s weird how I like to read Spin, cuz it’s fun, but it’s actually not really getting into my bones and move me all that much. I can’t quite tell why. The language is beautiful and the emotions are in there, but somehow… I wonder if it’s just science fiction in general, or it’s a man’s writing.
It reminds me of many many mooons ago when I discussed with my mother about how male and female writers write differently. She believes in that strongly and said you can just TELL as soon as you read it. I was in somewhat objection, with little ground, I thought different people write in such different tones anyway, plus a lot of times male writers take on female persona and vice versa. At that time, I really hadn’t read much female literature, the only girl who I’ve read quite bit was San Mao from Taiwan and resided in Africa with her (as some people believe) made-up husband. I liked her writing very much, but she’s a bit of a…. weirdo to start with, put aside that made-up husband, which I really can’t think he never existed, because he’s so real in her writing, also she’s come back and pursued some other relationships with weird people and ended up committing suicide. I mean.. one can hardly assert any kind of stereotypical framework onto a writer such as her.
Science fiction… I don’t know much about it. I really feel things like the Spin… just seem very masculine. I really don’t know why I believe so. In a way, it has very strong emotional undertone. I even understand the geeky physics interpolations. Still… I think it’s what my  mom would call a man’s writing.
By no means, do I think I like women’s writing better than that of the men. In fact, I think I get less affected by the work whenever I can sense such a strong gender prominence, even if the theme of the story has nothing implying biases or discrimination. It’s weird isn’t it???

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