May 12, 2007

The sky is black… because of me.

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:19 am by changisme

At night, sky is black, as black as a roll of heavy wool that dress up those who stream into the crowds of a funeral. Summer, though with her beauty, withdraw from me with chills under the dim street lights. I often feel that summer here is like a lady behind high gates. She sits there will her radiance far far away. I see the warmth, and yet I feel none.
My heart sinks, as I look at myself and see the entanglement of my own common idiosyncracy. I blame myself not for the little I possess, but for the abundance I hold and yet do not deserve. I hold a paint brush that I cannot master, the only thing I do, is to taint the sky with contentious darkness. What have I done?

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