May 23, 2007

=_= sick

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:37 am by changisme

Man… I haven’t gotten this sick for a long time. Last night I just felt my body could never be in the right position. I was reading some story to comfort myself, but somehow I was muddy enough to feel that I was part of the story. I was thinking to ask the character to slow down a bit because I had a splitting headache. It was one of the most peculiar feelings. These people are like people in dreams where faces are not very clear, but the general physique is. Also, they have very clearly defined voices.
This morning is a lot better. I still have a bit of a fever, but very very low. I’m wondering if a fever is just in my scull. In a way, I feel it mainly on my head, on the other hand, when you are sick, your body becomes all stupid and wobbly too right? Is it just that the brain can’t control the limbs very well anymore?
This is one of the reasons why I didn’t like growing up, and now I just have to face the fact. I’m clingy when I’m sick, but now I have no mummy and daddy to cling on to. I can still remember the days when we take out the bedrolls at night. When I was sick, those comfy beddings would stay out during the day and mom would set up a little table and have congee made. Sometimes she would even have dried shredded pork. There would also be watermelon so red that I felt the juice would glow in my mouth. Dad would also boil pears and put ice sugar in. The pear would end up having a swallen and soft texture which doesn’t taste very good, but I would eat them anyway for some odd reason.


  1. olee said,

    oh my poor chang! i\’m so sorry to hear that u r sick. i do know how it feels like as i was sick for 2 weeks just short before. at first i had a sudden fever and then cough without a single break. i couldn\’t sleep at night and had drunk alot of tee and even ate a whole lemon to fight against the bakterium. benben did try his best to care around, but still can\’t compare to my mama\’s way. what u wrote about ur mama\’s congee and papa\’s boil pears with ice sugar impressed me so much! home is always the best place in the world!!
    i wish u all the best and hope u r getting better and better!
    p.s. i finally got known what i had was scarlet fever (xing hong re), a thing what only happens in kindergarden! my god, who knows how i got infected now suddenly as an adult!~ now i\’m ok again and begin to jogging everyday after school. to be stark against the illness and be sexy for the summer 😎 take care,baby!

  2. Hannah said,

    Are you Okay today? Maybe I could come over tmr to make sone congee (or beg Lydia) to make some for ya. =)

  3. Karen said,

    3Q 3Q!! I\’m so moved. I\’m feeling much better this morning, only some ichy throat, but quite happy 😀

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