June 4, 2007

some useless ramble of the morning.

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:17 am by changisme

I’m a little swirl headed this morning, that I have to spiral up my eyes when I wanted to see what the clouds are like. In fact, they are not any less spirally. The storm last night did not seem to have left a whole lot of inpact, although it was rather a lovable storm. I like it when there are lightning and thunders cracking open the sky. It’s not so much I’m a loud party person, but it really does feel like live performance, unlike the romantic drizzlies, which is more like putting on a record of nosdalgia. You could just lightly swing your body as you dance in a heavy long skirt. I actually like these too, except for the part that it’s usually during the cold times one encounters this kind of wetness, and the cold and lonesome film of rain just revives homesickness.
In any case, the morning was extra warm. I was so happy walking towards the bus stop without a jacket, nor did I speed walk to keep warm. The consequence was that I caught a late bus, which wss jampacked. I heard someone teaching another the difference between imprudence and impudence (spelling? I needed that morning dose of information. ) Anyway… what’s the difference between an in prefix and an im prefix??

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