June 6, 2007

lift up my hand….

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:26 pm by changisme

The mountains outside are in a very interesting mood at the moment. It looks like a Chinese water painting, rather flat. it has a solid and mystical gray to it. The clouds on the other hand are rolling in the front and back of the big gray gates. They devours the ragged mountain tops, making me feel that it is them who bit by bit dulled down any haughtiness the giants once had.
It’s amazing how much colours become subjective depending on where I stand, and what’s between the observed and the observer. The scary thing is that, it’s not only the position in space that matters, but maybe even more so, the time… I’m not Einsteinian enough to perceive time so much the same as space yet. I feel it’s more of a serious matter, because I have so little control over it. I can’t make it go faster or slower according to my will. That’s a rather unchristian perception, as I think it’s better to be able to give up one’s control over such things, but I can’t deny it at the moment.
I really wonder the decisions I make now, The relationships I put myself through now, how much are largely temporal. Honestly! I’m generally a pretty adaptive person, but there are certain things I don’t want to keep changing.  However, my views towards things, can I really MAKE them static? Hardly… Does putting my heart in God  make me less likely to waver? Or does it actually  mean that I will get onto a magic carpet and dive into a lifelong adventure? Afterall, "He’s whild you know?" (Mark Bucchannan).

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