June 21, 2007


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*I found my iPod again, which has just been hidden in some random pockets folded deep in the closet.*
Caprice is a pretty good place to dance, though I’m still not a big fan of clubs. My feet were constantly stabbed by heels of various shapes. I think there should be a rule like "no pointy heels on the dance floor!" Well… that’s not the real reason, I think it’s just that when I sit and see the blasting noise being almost silent. Everything is so flashy and everyone is in such level of indulgence, I can only see a massive chaos. That being the case, I just have to join in the crowd at all time in order not to feel sad, in order not to observe every drunken movement and the aggregate of them in sober details.
I hardly got over my melodrama, so the body contact was making me quite melancholy. Dancing in an environment such as that, one can hardly avoid some intimacy (any kind of dancing involves some level of closeness and trust, but that especially so). I have no  All I could feel is that my heart is somewhere else seeing a shadow fading into the mist.
In any case, the world goes around regardless, more work and goalball, even though I’m anything but clear headed. I didn’t even drink… well, one glass.

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