June 22, 2007

purpose of an artist

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:03 pm by changisme

I often wonder what artists are supposed to do. Some people say they are to unveil things other people have a hard time seeing, but when we evaluate some art, like architecture or wall hangings, we evaluate them in a way like "oh this piece of art is very aesthetically pleasing." Or "you feel so comfortable looking at this".
I guess from my shallow understanding, aesthetically pleasing would mean that what the artist thinks of as good should be the same as what the bulk of population think as well. One hardly need any esoteric expressions or escentricity. Maybe they just need the knowledge in psychology.
On the other hand, if an artist is to reveal what is unseen to others, how could we "evaluate" them? There are art, I don’t feel comfortable looking at all. i feel a sense of dread at times. Are they bad art? They must be pretty good in order to have impacts on me. What about abstract art? Some of them I can simply have physiological daze. I was looking at this piece of abstract art, which really doesn’t have muc of a shake on me other than, mmm I’d like this over my dining table, cuz it looks like an omen for a peaceful life, even though I hardly have an idea what a peaceful life feels like.
I remember dad used to tell me how they used to not let him become an artist because he is colour-blind. I wonder what kind of artist mold they were carrying in their hands. The first one, it gotta be? Maybe we just want some affirmation in the chaotic lives we are leading, rather than some blinding insights.

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