June 28, 2007

why purpose

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:22 am by changisme

Maybe I’m just short sighted, when I think about "God has a purpose", I don’t really immediately get comforted. These purposes do require some growth and prayers in my own heart to be seen as attractive. I find it hard to think, oh He has a purpose then such and such a thing happened is for the good. I could try to think that, but the pain is still there. I still think some of the pains are more real than the self-indoctrinating cliches.
In a way, I don’t really have a natural desire for the "grand purpose in life" as it were. I find life is full of beauty that I hardly need some ultimate destination to enjoy it. Not mentioned the ultimate destination does not allow me evade any consequences of falters by others or myself.
However, what I find myself hold onto so firmly are usually things I do not possess but value greatly. I want my heart opened to a calling, though I hardly have the courage or urge to receive one. Is it just my envy for those who do have such talent? I doubt that’s the truth. I think this involves some recognition of beings greater than myself. It’s really a way I direct myself through a course of humility, which I probably lack in a greater sense than the Confucious expression.

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