July 2, 2007

somehow my mind just blended into a day of boisterous celebration

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I sat on the bus leaning my head against the reflective invider board between the last section of the bus and the seats facing the back door. My view was divided into the real images coming in from the back door and the reflection of that on the divider. Trees, houses, parked cars and pedestrians with their babies and dogs are absorbed into the seam where the real and the reflection met. It was so strange. I felt the world was closing up on me like a super wide book. A genuine tinge of panic gripped my heart for awhile.

Is that what dying feels like partly? The world is closing, what once were tangible all become a page of story?

Then the bus stopped, and a mother with a baby immerged from the seam, the sun shone on the baby’s face and his hair glittered as his head bopped and little body wobbled ahead. I couldn’t help but smiling.

* * *

Evening was rather nice. We were downtown and sat at a restaurant on a balcony. With a Caeser in my hand, I could taste the solid flvour of the city. People roaring and laughing on the street. All of a sudden, I feel so natural. There are so many things I seem to want and try to force into my life. It’s so much better just to let things be. Life is more revealing that way. I ordered some Dolmathes. They were a little too greasy after the nice taste of a Caesar, bu then the strong scent of the vine was still pleasant.

We ended up sitting at the beach talking and waiting for the fireworks which ended up being too far to really enjoy, though still quite pretty. In fact, the sunset was so impressive that it outstood the fireworks, plus it was much more coherent with the mesmerizing rapping of the waves against the seashore. The interesting thing was that I didn’t feel the screaming and clamering of the people, nor the fireworks and firecrackers, disruptive. The nature in its broad arms offered its acquiescence. It was a rather blissful realization.


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