July 6, 2007


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It was bugging me what ZhengShi (Official History) and YieShi (wild history) claim their difference in valuability. I don’t actually know whether or not they do in academia but they certainly are treated differently by the public, and I believe, the official history is held to the highest authority when discerning what truly happened.
I found out what we regard as the Official History in China was designated by an Qianlong, the Empiror. At the time Official History first included the Twenty Four History texts and further includes many of the collections in the Palace. Later on, we included one more book containing events involving foreign influence.
The definition I could find for Official History is the texts that follow the rise and falls of Empirial States. I think mostly the ones that were traditionally collected and widely spread by the government for education of the people.
This is a rather disturbing truth because for thousands of years, what people have been learning is so much controled in this way. It reminded me of when Confuscious philosophy was established as the "Official Philosophy" of the country, its influence lasted for 2000 years and at the time, the other hundreds of philosophies were put down and forgotten. It might have been very much parallel with the history of the Church in the west. I don’t actually know how much history in the west was dictated and how much written work was preserved by authors outside of the beneficiary of the state.
At the same time, I don’t think people actually disregard Wild History, because there are a lot of history written in Chinese that are very very long and with good literary value. That to me, means educated people spent a lot of time working on it. I don’t know if that is just some accentric basket case, or it’s actually some liberating leisure of the commoners. Or it could well be that there is no clear division line between the two, merely some were selected as elite. I have some strong precaution against our common treatment of the Official History that’s all, mainly because it’s almost all talking about the Empiror… a little …. umm for a country with this many people.


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