July 30, 2007


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Marty preached on Genesis on Sunday, and he did clear up some misconceptions people generally hold, such as what it means when God asks the people to eat the seed bearing plants, it’s to give humans a special place to serve. Marty said we are created in God’s image while all the other things are not. We are special… I don’t think he’s trying to make it sound like we are higher than other species, but in a way, I still feel uncomfortable about this whole "we are special" while the others are not as God-like.
I can see that since the Scripture is written by and for men, it’s bound to put us in the closest postion with God. It’s not exactly supposed to be objective. What attitude are we to hold on ourselves? Is pride altogether bad?
It just reminds me of people like Courdecet and Gibbon. They of course didn’t rave for religion, christianity especially, but they regard humans are something better as well, something heading towards perfection even. Don’t Christians think the same then in that regard? We talk so much about humility and how we can’t get it right, but really in our heart, the streak of shallow pride that taints us all, is there.
I sometimes wonder, is Courdecet all that wrong? We do have weapon of mass distruction, we do allow horrible things to happen, but if I don’t believe people get better by the work we do, how could we strive to make things better? What’s the point then, if we never progress anyway? Is small acts of random kindness really enough? Is making a small difference in another person’s life enough? Probably that’s all I can do, but there are many people around me who have their hearts set on the grand scheme of things. Soem are idealistic enough to tread the mucky water of politics. Are they holding false hope? Can we survive without them?
Sometimes when I try to think about the future and my work as a form of praise. Indeed, so many things are amazing and interesting enough for me to just think that, but really, there are difficult times too. What am I to use to brace myself through those times? Love of God is enough? What if I am to choose my tools and ways? Shouldn’t I have a belief that this will make a difference? This will push humanity just a little towards something better? 


  1. Unknown said,

    Some random rambling prompted by your post:There have been times when Christians used the Bible to justify oppression (slavery and stuff like that).  Although we seem to be against slavery now, do you think we use the Bible to justify oppressing animals?  God explicitly told Noah he could eat meat, but I get this sense that the Bible shows more respect for the life of an animal than the life of a plant.  Although I think humans are unique (love, creativity, and spirituality are all aspects of us that I think come from God\’s image) and God did say we could eat animals, I sometimes wonder if it would be better if we didn\’t.  I\’m not a vegetarian, but sometimes I wonder if most Christians will be vegetarians someday.  Does "Love your neighbour as yourself" have any bearing at all on how we treat animals?

  2. Unknown said,

    I guess my name didn\’t appear on that comment.  This is Alex here.

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