August 14, 2007

chitter chatter with my family

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Now that I’m back to work, I actually do feel sad… I often don’t like linger in the arms of those who spoil me, but I guess a couple days after a few years is just way too short. What affects me the most is the fact that they actually changed… they are older, I realize the fleet of time, and I realize the finitiveness of my very sphere of existence.
One thing I love about being in a family is that I’m sooo comfortable that I don’t need to blabber and still feel part of it. All the women have soo much to say. It’s funny because my aunt would laugh at my mom and grandma about their gossip and "small things", but she’s so lively in the conversation, and yet she talks about life and humanity in her "zen" sort of way. I don’t know how they blend, but they do.
Yesterday, they were talking about Tibet, derived from the talk about the protesters. They snorted at those "heros"(I wonder if I actually feel them silly too), and said that they are doing silly work, because the Chinese government unlike the western governments don’t "take this crap" at all. Then they started saying that these protesters are protesting with their ideologies in mind while the whold event is solely political. Those who are against the PRC reign are the religious leaders, and they are the rich and powerful, what they lost and hate losing is their spiritual control over the people. My aunt who sent their said the herders no longer hand over all their posessions to the priesthood and started owning TV’s, computers and so on. They like their PRC government, because that brought them wealth, even though they became less "nice" as my aunt puts it. Everyone gets corrupted by the temptation of worldly desires right? And the PRC government wouldn’t give up on Tibet because no large power these days dare going head on about the issue and they also can’t start the presidence, which may lead to a string of happenings, like… Taiwan.
Those were all interesting talk. Then they started talking about how before the PRC goverment, the society was at the slavery stage, like where other places were at 4000 years ago. I’m not sure if they have any back up for these other than the Chinese government propaganda. I certainly don’t have any solid knowledge either way.  I sure have learnt things of such in school, but then, I often have doubts on the completeness of discriptions such as these, especially when you think about how cruel the Americans were to the Japanese civilians at the end of WWII while they got attacked on just a military base. And the Japanese were portrayed as cruel and ruthless.
One interesting thing is that, my grandma would talk about how during her flee to south and south east asia, everyone hear about how cruel the japanese are and how they sing songs and dance and collect donations for the Chinese armies. But at the same time, when she went back to Singapore, the japanese were not like that at all, the only people who attacked them and robbed them were the local bandids. I wonder how she could have still hold her theories so firmly. Her belief is that the Japanese tempararily were nice to them while they were there because they flagged to be "good to the people"… uhhh >_< well, I won’t comment.

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