August 30, 2007

Finding a hostel

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:00 pm by changisme

I arrived at Panaachel thinking finding a hostel would just be as easy as in Antigua or Flores or Copan. It turned out that only the luxury hotels were visible here and addresses from huide books hardly helps. I asked around while buing some black flour tortllas to eat (very good).   I was directed to a place clled ´camping´. I thought t was a name of a hostel, who could have guessed after many twists and turns, I found myself in front of a real camp ground… without a clearing.. in otherwords… a jungle land fensed up. I bit my lips bitterly and called a tsuc tsuc askng if he knows anywhere not so expensive to live. He says he knows somewhere for 40Q. That´s wonderful, I thought and got on. it turned out he took me to a place near the beach costing way more, but the attendant was so nce seeing I´m at lost, directed me into this nameless little … path  (can hardly be called a street).

It´s a maze inside that path, branches after branches. No name or number could be found, but there are actually quite a few of these hostels. I found myself a nice room for 25Q, there are no other travellers in there… (I wish there were other people though… just like  those I got to be friends with last seeral idays).


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